Wireless Gaming Headset Active Noise Cancellation

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Pursuit of comfort

Abingo is dedicated to develop headphones not simply tools for listening. But combining stunning sound with superior wearing comfort. 


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A world about music-Start a trip with Abingo BT80NC Pro. Enjoy superior sound and extreme silence on the go.


Industry-Leading Wireless Gaming Headset with ANC

Immersive 360 Panorama Audio:
Game sound,Music sound,Theater sound.


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Release yourself in pure sound

Exploring latest technology, Abingo aims to bring you extraordinary music experience like sitting in a concert hall. Shut unwanted noise out and focus on the transparent audio you desire.

Selected Reviews

The materials are fantastic! They keep the headphones light weight for long usage, and the cushions are soft and very comfortable

J.R from Boston

The sound quality is amazing the headphone has big drivers which provides great bass and your ears can feel every beat easily. The sound quality is really clear even if you volume up it to full it's pretty clear.


Very good considering pricing. Their are light but sturdy. Sound is well balanced that you can hear instrumentals clearly with out hissing. Connection is consistent and have not had a problem.